Dynaflow PhosCopper Brazing Alloy - SDFB24-10 x Rods

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Dynaflow melts and flows at temperatures very close to Stay Silv 15, and provides comparable brazed mechanical properties. This makes Dynaflow an excellent cost effective alternative to the 15% silver alloys. This premium, medium range silver alloy has been meticulously formulated to even tighter specifications than our standard copper-to-copper alloys. Dynaflow is a frequent choice for copper brazing. The phosphorus addition makes it “self-fluxing” on copper. Its wide melting range allows operators to fill loose connections and “cap”, or build up, around the finished joint. When heated above its liquidus, however, it will penetrate tight connections.
Dynaflow is also a suitable choice to braze brass. In these applications operators should take care to avoid over heating the brass and use Stay Silv® white brazing flux.

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